Hi! I’m Karianne Beasley, Founder/Owner of Four Lovely Walls Staging + Interiors

I am a HSR Certified Stager and Designer who helps to make your four walls come to life. There are many things that draw me to the idea of being home. The smell of baked cookies coming from the kitchen, cuddles with my sweet pup, and of course – the family I get to share it with.

The name “Four Lovely Walls” is special to me because it started when I married my husband. No matter what kind of day it had been, good or bad, our home is where we laughed together, teased one another and just enjoyed being together. During these moments we would pause, look at each other, and say, “All we need are four walls.” Throughout the years, this has remained true and is the anthem for our home.  

Whether you are looking to sell or love the home you are in, I am here to help! I love taking items you already own and create a cozy inviting space for your family or a potential buyer. I am here to help you and/or others fall in love with your four walls. I want anyone who walks into your home to feel a lasting impression of peace, comfort, and love.

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